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Reviewed by Frank, 01/31/2014

There is only one word for this product, and that is POTENT!.
Just got my 3'rd buy (60 count), and my wifes smile is from ear to ear again :-).

Thanks for shipping this International, nothing works like this!. Forget Viagra or Cialis, this is natural and increase desire as well... really feel like im 18 again, something my wife is extremely happy about.

I have tried almost every promissing natural product out there, with little or no effect at all. I live in Europe, and can therefore only import natural and non-medical products. Until I found this, it was one disappointment after another...

Im 43, having a beautiful young wife, but suffer from ED because of medication against a record high bloodpressure. Medication keep my bloodpressure under control, sure, but also completely remove my desire and ability to perform in any way. There is a warning against using this product if you suffer from high bloodpressure, but I took the chance and my doctor has monitered me closely while taking this pill every second day, and its safe for me to continue to take them... thanks again for making this product, you saved my marriage!, and I'll keep comming back with new orders.

I give you 5 stars for this, the mild headaches is a minor issue for me and can easily be avoided by drinking more water, and since the effekt on me is going from 0 to natural function for almost 3 days, just on one pill, I cant give any lower rating. This product makes all the difference in my life, keeping both me and the wife happy.


Reviewed by Mike, 01/23/2014

Bang Bang! This stuff will make you hard as nails! Didnt believe it, so I tryed a sample pack and that was all it took! She will noticed the difference certainly!

Reviewed by ElJefe, 11/12/2013

I can say everything about this with 2 words... MASSIVE WOOD!!. Nothing works as well as this, not even the wellknow little blue. I was starting to think sex was more or less over, and I'm only in the beginning of my 40's... the 3-4 hours the normal blue pill helps is not really convenient for me, it takes to much planning. With this great stuff however, I can have normal function whenever I want for 1-3 days, depending on my stresslevel at work, so I take one pill every 1-2 days, and whenever I need it I'm hard as stone :-). The wife really like my morningwood as well, which has returned again after many years, and I'm feeling like a teenager again... just with a lot more experience hehe.

Reviewed by Joe, 07/13/2013

I took a chance and ordered based on the strong positive reviews. I was a little skeptical , but 1 capsule was all it took. Really does work!

Reviewed by Savage Boner, 03/18/2013

Yep, the shit works. Really surprised honestly didn't think it would be like that. Cold water and on a whiskey bender I blacked out and still functional. If somebody just said weiner I was akwardly chubbed. Saving these gems now for special occasions.

Reviewed by Knox, 02/26/2013

This stuff works!!! I was skeptical but I was proven wrong. I read all the reviews about the headaches and made sure that I drank plenty of water. No headaches!

This is the first time I have ever used something like this, but I give it an A+

Reviewed by cmac, 02/14/2013

It is worth the money, It works 100 percent for me for 2and a half days, didnt get the headaches but a slight flush feeling for about 8 hours, Buy it! also take it about 2 hours before you want the fun to commence

Reviewed by Mike, 02/13/2013

I ordered the pills because of all the ratings here on the site. I got them a few days later which was great because i wanted to try them as soon as possible. I just took one and I felt my face flush and body temp go up. I have never used any of these products so I didn't know what to expect, so I was a little disappointed, but luckily those symptoms went away after awhile. I am still waiting on the effect of it, but i can feel it starting to work. If this stuff really works i would try taking it before bed time so I can sleep through the uncomfortable flush and light headache. I am going to rate it 4 stars because of side effects.

Reviewed by BigA, 08/29/2012

I got a 3 pill sample pack from an order many months ago, forgot about it but found it towards the back of my vitamin drawer. Said, "what the heck" and swallowed one down. WHOA for the next day or 2 I had 4-5 super hard and spontaneous erections. At 1st I thought wtf is going on here. Then I remembered I had swallowed down that mens advantage blue pill. So I waited a few days to go by and took another dose. Sure enough same result. I told my GF about it and she kinda laughed and thought I was just BSing her with my experience, but literally 20-30 min after telling her about it - another 1 "popped" up all of the sudden and I told her I wasnt BSing her. I think I am going to have to put in for a full order and do some more through testing of the product by passing a few out to some friends, see if they have the same results.

I did not encounter any increase in desire or libido though, it was just an increase in hardness, frequency and duration of erections. I dont have any ED problems so I cannot comment how far along this will help those with ED issues, but I can say that in my case (mid 30s with probably average sex life and normal healthy erections etc) I wouldnt hesitate to pop a pill now and again just for the hardness, frequency and duration of erections boost that I did see from just the sample pack.

Reviewed by zaneisgreat, 06/22/2012

This product seems to last longer than Viagra but shorter than Cialis and is just as effective. I think the product even increased my sexual desire as well - something that Cialis or Viagra doesn't necessarily do.

Reviewed by Mack, 06/04/2012

I'm 48yrs old, ordered sample pack(Fast Shipping). product works as described. Took an hour before sex, erection was EXTREMELY rock hard and orgasms alot more intense. I poped several woody throughout the day(potent stuff)! Only drawbacks were mild headache and felt light headed the following day until I ate a full meal.

Reviewed by Jerzee, 03/31/2012

Wow...I didn't think it would work. But it actually did, this stuff is amazing!.. Did get a headache though, drinking more water helps that.

Reviewed by Prototype, 12/23/2011

Incredible product! Works as described.
One issue, I had headaches from the product. Increasing my water intact remedied this problem.

Reviewed by Vic, 12/01/2011

I tried the sample pack because I was a skeptic and my male ego is always looking for that edge in bed. Im glad I tried it!!

WOW! I dont what is in this pill, but whatever it is, it works. I tried it 2-3 hours as directed, but i found out it works best for me, if i take it the night before.
The next day, and I mean all day, is amazing! No complaints here except it does tend to make my face flush and body temp go up. I am ordering a bottle of the stuff today!!

Reviewed by joey, 11/29/2011

this stuff really works i wasnt sure but my friend told me about it. and he was right excellent product..

Reviewed by Edgar Flores, 09/22/2011

I had a 5 day xxxxx! Stuff really works! It xxxxx I didn't get it xxxxxxx weekend though!

Reviewed by Shadrac, 09/13/2011

Doesn't matter what you've tried this will make it seem like nothing...infreakincredible. Would give it more stars for everything it says if possible.

Reviewed by Armwrestler, 09/07/2011

Might as well call it the Superman pill... This is the best pill on the market!

Reviewed by Manimal, 08/25/2011

This stuff really works when taken every couple days I feel sorry for my girlfriend...

Reviewed by Steve, 08/20/2011

Color me a skeptic...I had my doubts about such lofty claims without a prescription product. All I can say is I am gladly eating my words on this one! Fantastic product that delivers on its promises A+

Reviewed by Sam, 08/19/2011

WOW...Very powerful stuff. I was hard for 3 days and after a few rounds, my wife was "scared". The only bad part is that got a really baaaad headache 6 hours after I took the pill. Took acetaminophen to aliviate it. Im rating it 4 stars because of the headache, but otherwise, 5 stars!

Reviewed by ZRoller, 07/27/2011

I was blown away (pardon the pun)! This stuff works.

Reviewed by Dan, 07/07/2011

Wow, this stuff really works!