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Our Whey Isolate, Micellar Casein, Weight Gainer, and Meal Replacers

Our whey isolate protein was specifically chosen because it is not denatured, has a very high protein percentage, mixes well, has an outstanding amino acid profile and has a very neutral taste. You will not find a higher quality whey protein isolate. We chose our micellar casein based on similar features, although micellar casein does not have a neutral taste. You will find our micellar casein to be far superior to any other caseins on the market. Our Hardcore Weight Gainer was formulated based on Serious Mass’s popular formula, without the unnecessary fillers. Our Lean Meal Replacer was based on EAS’s “Myoplex-Lite” at a fraction of their price. Our favorite pick for the Best Weight Gainer is our Ultimate Weight Gainer. This is perhaps the only weight gain product on the market that contains waxy maize and the protein to carb ratio is very high. This product packs on lean weight and does it very quickly because you can still eat a normal diet when you take it.

Our philosophy is to offer the highest quality whey isolate, micellar casein, weight gainers and meal replacers at the lowest possible price by selling directly to them. 

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