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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kash, 09/02/2014

Excellent product and great customer service. A real treat mixed with Whey

Reviewed by JJ, 06/03/2014

Sounds crazy but it's the best supplement I can use to make my dog treats! Thank you muscle feast for taking care of the fur critters too! May not have been your intent, but certainly does the job!

Reviewed by Chris, 12/27/2013

This product is great. I use it as a carb for my cutting phase and adding more scoops to protein shake for next bulking stage.

Reviewed by Buster, 09/10/2013

Great product,, taste great,, best way to get your protein and oats in the morning,, makes u
feel full for hrs, thanks muscle feast..

Reviewed by Trevor T, 04/03/2013

Aside from the gritty texture, this stuff has proven to be an excellent addition to my pre/post workout shakes and gives me the extra calories that I need in my diet.

Reviewed by Wes, 03/16/2013

Fantastic product! Currently using it in my weight gain and couldn't be happier. I have nice ninja blender that I have been using up until now to make my own oat powder, but even it is not as good as this. Now I can skip the blender step and just throw a couple serv in my shaker cup with the choc premium blend. I agree with another review that it can make your mouth very dry and I've also had some coughing fits. That aside, this product is worth more than what they charge for it and will continue to be a staple of my nutrition.

Reviewed by Tyler, 04/14/2012

Been using this stuff for a while now. Love that it makes you feel full for a few hours and the nutrition profile is great. Only con is that even with lots of water i constantly feel like i have to clear my throat when i drink it for the rest of the day.

Reviewed by aaron, 03/10/2012

The best addition to my cutting phase ive ever used, truly has made my diet a breeze. Cant wait to make my own weight gain shakes during next bulking phase

Reviewed by Matt, 02/04/2012

A cup of oats pr scoop??! Mixes easily, great supplement to my my morning shake!!

Reviewed by Excellent Product, 01/17/2012

My oat powder came today just as i was leaving for the gym. Took a quick scoop mixed in some water, shook, it mixed very well, the taste was excellent, I felt like I actually ate something. Not only do I now promote muscle feast brands on my website, I highly recommend the products to everyone I talk to

Reviewed by Jones, 12/02/2011

This taste great and mixes great. I use with a scoop of protein every morning... and great people to shop from will be back in the future. thank you so much