June 20, 2018

Muscle Feast switched all whey proteins, including our hydrolyzed whey protein to protein that is certified grass fed and free of added hormones and antibiotics.  Our Colostrum and Hydrolyzed Collagen were always grass fed and hormone free. In late December, we switched our Micellar Casein over to Grass Fed and free of added hormones and antibiotics as well; making 100% of our protein products grass fed and free of added hormones and antibiotics.  Since starting Muscle Feast, Shelley and I have strived to offer the highest-quality products and this change is perfectly aligned with that vision.In keeping with this vision, it is also critical to us to have perfect label accuracy. As many of you know, our Grass Fed Whey Isolate is the highest rated protein in the United States (according to www.labdoor.com) and we are immensely proud of this fact. However, if you look at the details of the proteins on Labdoor, none of the products have great label accuracy. The best grade I would give any company for label accuracy is a "C" (including Muscle Feast) and many companies get a failing grade on their labels. For Muscle Feast, this is not good enough. We want our labels to be perfect. We are currently right in the middle of changing all our labels. As we change our labels, we are taking tons of measurements.  We are looking at all our lab data (including Labdoor.com data) and we are taking lots of scoop weights. We are then updating our nutritional labels with the most accurate information possible. The most significant changes can be seen with some of our protein scoop weights. Our Whey Isolate was listed at 28 grams per serving but is currently listed at 24 grams per serving. Of course the number of servings jumped from 81 per 5lb container to 94. But this is an excellent illustration of the changes you will see.Since we are in the middle of this change, you may receive a new labeled product or you may get the old label. Not all of the old labels will indicate the product is grass fed and free of added hormones.  We are working as hard and fast as we can get through these changes as seamlessly as possible. We should be through all of these changes for product purchased through eBay, Walmart and our website in the next 2-3 weeks.  Amazon product could take another 3-4 weeks to work through the changes. I apologize for any confusion this will cause you or has caused you.