Threonine (L-Form)

200 gram container


Essential Amino Acid (our bodies can't produce it)

    Muscle Feast L-Threonine:

    Plays an essential role in the production of collagen and building connective tissue

    L-threonine supports the immune system through its role in antibody production

    L-threonine may support liver health by helping to minimize the accumulation of fats around the liver.

      What is L-Threonine?

      Threonine is a little-known amino acid with a prominent role in the immune system. The thymus, a tiny gland which "educates" T cells to recognize infectious microorganisms and cancer cells, incorporates threonine into all of its important proteins. The central nervous system uses threonine to make sedative amino acid glycine, which helps mitigate the brain chemistry that contributes to "hyperactive" and "difficult" personalities.

      Threonine is an essential amino acid. Our bodies cannot synthesize it from other amino acids, so we must get threonine from food. The body can convert threonine into the amino acids glycine, which calms the central nervous system, and serine, which can excite it. Threonine is abundant in egg whites and spirulina.

      What are the benefits of L-Threonine?

      The most common signs of an L-threonine deficiency include a fatty liver, digestion difficulties and emotional agitation. Vegetarians are most at risk for being deficient in this essential amino acid.

      Recommended dose of L-Threonine:

      2500 mg taken 1-3 times per day.

      Please consult with your medical professional before taking this supplement. 

      If you have liver or kidney disease, you should not take amino acids without asking your doctor. It is crucial that you always speak to a knowledgeable healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplements. This advice is also recommended for anyone suffering from a health condition.

      Pregnant and nursing women should only take an amino acid after consulting your physician.

      Any side effects of L-Threonine?

      Some people experience minor side effects such as stomach upset, headache, nausea, and skin rash.


      This product has slightly sweet to bland taste.  Most people will mix a serving in water.



      Why Muscle Feast?

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      Important facts you should know about our supplements:

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