TMG - Betaine Anhydrous

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2200 mg per serving

Pure betaine anhydrous


Scoop included

Muscle Feast Betaine Anhydrous is designed to:

Help lower homocysteine levels

Promote the oxidation of lipids

Support gains in lean mass

Improve muscle strength, power, & endurance

Increase protein synthesis following exercise

What is Betaine Anhydrous?

Betaine, scientifically referred to as Trimethylglycine, is a metabolite of choline. Betaine’s two main functions in the body are as a methyl donor and osmolyte.  As an osmolyte, betaine protects proteins, cells, and enzymes from heat, dehydration, and other physiological stresses.  As a methyl donor, betaine is used to convert homocysteine to L-methionine, and is therefore, a precursor to creatine.

What are the benefits?

Doses of 2500-6000mg betaine daily may increase muscular strength, endurance, and total training volume. Betaine also plays a role in hepatic fat metabolism, promoting muscle protein synthesis, and has been suggested to increase nitric oxide levels. A study conducted by the University of Connecticut found that individuals supplementing with 1.25 grams of betaine twice/daily increased bench press power 20%.

Recommended Dose:

Dosage guidelines vary by age and medical fitness. As a general dose, children and adults can supplement with up to 6 grams per day.

Any side effects?
Possible side effects can include diarrhea, stomach upset (gastrointestinal irritation) and nausea. This substance is not known to interact with medications, but users should consult with a physician prior to its use.

Administration should be immediately discontinued if itching, chest tightness, rashes, trouble breathing or swelling of the face or hands occur.

People with blood sugar issues should not supplement with Betaine anhydrous or products containing this ingredient, and pregnant or nursing women should consult a physician prior to Betaine anhydrous administration.


As an adult dietary supplement, take one serving (1.5g) one to three times daily with food.

Trimethylglycine (TMG) - Betaine Anhydrous

This product is made of pure betaine anhydrous, with zero added flavoring, no preservatives, and no trace of animal byproducts.

Our betaine anhydrous is certified gluten-free and certified vegan.

Who is it best for?

TMG can promote greater strength training performance. It can also keep you hydrated, as it helps push water into cells. There are other general health benefits of TMG that may include liver health. These are great reasons to buy betaine anhydrous and incorporate it into your supplement routine.

Recommended Dosage

Take one serving of betaine anhydrous pre workout to boost your performance. You may also take another serving post workout, with a maximum of 3 servings per day.