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2400mg per serving

Free form, pharmaceutical grade


Available in 300g size

Scoop included

    Muscle Feast Taurine is designed to:

    Aid in recovery from injuries

    Help repair muscle damage

    Increase protein synthesis

    Have anti-fatigue properties

    Promote the uptake of glucose into the muscle

      What is Taurine?

      Taurine is one of the most important, useful, and safest amino acids.  Taurine is best known for its beneficial effects on the heart and cardiovascular system. Early clinical research also suggests that taurine, in combination with caffeine, can produce improvements in mental performance.  When the body engages in extreme physical activity, it no longer will be able to produce the necessary amounts of taurine, therefore supplementation becomes necessary.

      What are the benefits?

      In addition to the benefits listed above taurine is involved in the regulation of core body temperature and may help prevent heat stress and stroke. Taurine also acts as an osmolyte; assisting the body in maintaining proper water balance. Zhang et al. (2004) found that individuals who supplemented with taurine for 1 week before an exhaustive exercise bout significantly improved time to exhaustion, VO2 max, and maximal workload. It also decreased eexercise-inducedDNA damage.

      Recommended dose:

      Up to 3,000 milligrams a day of supplemental l-taurine is considered safe. Any excess taurine is simply excreted by the kidneys. Moderation is important, however. Little is known about the effects of heavy or long-term l-taurine use.

      Any side effects?

      Supplemental use of l-taurine is generally considered to have no adverse side effects or drug interactions. As always, however, you should consult with your physicians before adding l-taurine supplements to your daily regimens. Additionally, women who are pregnant or nursing should consult their physicians before adding l-taurine supplements. You should also consult with your doctor before taking this supplement as high doses of l-taurine has been shown to lower blood pressure.


      As an adult dietary supplement, take one serving (2.4g) in 8 ounces of water or juice, once daily. Do not take taurine prior to sleep.