EAAs Unflavored + Cyclic Dextrin Bundle: (1) Essentials Unflavored (Unflavored, 300g) + (1) Cyclic Dextrin (Unflavored, 1000g)

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What you get in the bundle:

(1) Essentials Unflavored (Unflavored, 300g)

(1) Cyclic Dextrin (Unflavored, 1000g)

EAAs Unflavored

ESSENTIAL: See more About this item EFFECTIVE EAA FORMULA: Essential amino acid powder supports "amino acid pooling" to increase the concentration of all the essential amino acids in the body for longer periods of time (44 servings)
ESSENTIAL:MIXES EASILY: Vegan keto-friendly essential amino acids have ho gritty taste or residue, ensuring absorption DECREASE SORENESS: Gluten- and sugar-free amino acids help decrease post-exercise soreness and improve recovery time
DEXTRIN: REDUCES FATIGUE: Highly branched cyclic dextrin helps reduce autonomic stress during workouts, leading to less fatigue (33 servings)
DEXTRIN: EASY TO TAKE: Mix HBCD supplement with water or the beverage of your choice and take as a pre or post-workout supplement
DEXTRIN: PURE CARBOHYDRATE: Vegan and keto-friendly post-workout supplement is also OU-D Kosher certified and free of soy, dairy, fat and glutenDEX