Pure Waxy Maize - Non GMO, Gluten Free

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42 grams of complex carbohydrates
Low glycemic index 
All natural without any flavoring or sweeteners
Zero sugar & fat
Available in 4 or 8-pound size
Scoop included

    Muscle Feast Waxy Maize is designed to:

    Provide long-term energy
    Keep blood sugar levels in check
    Replenish muscle glycogen stores
    Improve performance
    Promote recovery

      What is Waxy Maize?

      Waxy maize is a specific type of corn starch with a high molecular weight. This allows it to be digested easily and will not leave you feeling full or bloated. Unlike maltodextrin, it does not significantly increase blood sugar levels in the body.

      What are the benefits?

      Most of the benefits of waxy maize starch come from its slow digestibility. Waxy maize starch has an average molecular weight 100 times greater than carbohydrates and contains no simple carbohydrates or monosaccharides. It may help improve exercise performance, promote recovery, and improve diabetes management.

      Recommended dose:

      Take 1 to 2 scoops as needed to increase daily carbohydrate intake. Serving sizes may be increased for those trying to gain weight.

      Any side effects?

      Waxy maize has no known side-effects