Oats + Isolate Whey Protein


31.5-32 grams of whey protein isolate /27 grams of carbs from whole oat powder

rBST/rBGH free (no added hormones)

Grass fed

No sugar/low fat

264 Calories

7 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs

    Muscle Feast Oats and Whey is designed to:

    Provide high-quality protein and carbohydrates in one convenient product

    Deliver 32 grams of whey protein isolate per serving

    Supply 27 grams of complex carbs per serving

    Have as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal

      What is Oats and Whey Hormone Free?

      Our all natural Oats & Whey is a nutritional powerhouse in a smooth, drinkable shake that's quick to prepare and easy to drink. Muscle Feast all natural Oats & Whey is a mix of our hormone free, grass fed whey protein isolate and whole oat powder. Muscle Feast Oats & Whey is gluten-free, sugar-free and supplies slow-burning complex carbohydrates. Each serving packs in over 30 grams of whey protein isolate and as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal. Oats & Whey is great for breakfast, after workouts, or anytime you're looking for an on the go meal.

      *Nutritional values vary slightly between flavors

      Available in 3 flavor options, including a new richer Chocolate flavor!




      *If the Chocolate flavor is too chocolaty, we suggest adding more water or milk.


      Mix one serving (2 level scoops) with 8 ounces of water, milk, milk substitute, or beverage of your choice.

      Whole Oat Powder:

      This oat powder is like an oatmeal that has been groud into a powder. It has all the health benefits of oatmeal but in much easier to use powder. This oat powder can also be used as a replacement to wheat flour. A person could almost live on this product alone. It has a very low glycemic load and glycemic index and is one of the best overall foods available. Having it available in a powder form that mixes well should be a staple for anyone that is serious about their health. This is the purest whole oat powder available. This product contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors of any kind and is non-GMO.


      Whey Protein Isolate:

      Whey Isolates are 90-98% pure protein that digests and absorbs rapidly and is, gram for gram, one of the highest quality forms of protein available. This level of purity is achieved through a cold, cross micro and ultrafiltration process that removes the larger, less absorbable protein molecules while also filtering out fat, lactose, and ash.

      Studies suggest that whey isolates can quickly increase amino acid levels in systemic circulation and stimulate robust increases in protein synthesis; arguably the most important physiological factor in existence when it comes to muscle growth, strength, and recovery.

      Oats + Isolate Whey Protein has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 33 reviews.