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What is the Muscle Feast Lifting Club? The Muscle Feast Lifting Club is a Club open to the everyone that can lift a combined weight when you add the totals from bench press, dead lift, and squat.  To be a member of the Club, your total has to be at least 800lbs.  The Club increments by 100lbs, so you have an 800lb Club, 900lb Club, 1000lb Club, etc.

What is in it for me?  As a member of the Muscle Feast Lifting Club, you are part of an elite group of athletes that have all been certified to wear the Muscle Feast Lifting Club Gear.  You will also be given a free Muscle Feast Lifting Club Shirt (white for free, including shipping within the United States.  For people outside the United States, simply pay shipping costs to your country.  You are also eligible to purchase any Lifting Club Gear (more shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc) for the appropriate weight you have been certified to lift. For instance, if your total is between 1000lbs and 1100lbs, you can purchase additional items with the 1,000lb Club total. Your name will also be added to the appropriate section of our website, along with the video(s) showing your lifts.

Can lifting suits be used? No, all lifts have be RAW, meaning no devices/clothing can be used that can assist with the lift.  You are permitted to use Inzer type knee wraps (not sleeves) and lifting straps/hooks for deadlift.  It is also highly recommended to us a lifting belt for back support, especially when doing heavy squats.

Can I get another shirt if I improve my lift into the next increment of 100lbs? Yes, it still has to be certified.  You will get moved to the higher Club section and eligible to purchase the appropriate gear but you only get one free shirt.

How do I get certified?  You need to send us a video that shows you doing the lifts.  You can send directly to us via Dropbox.

800lb CLUB

900lb CLUB

1000lb CLUB

1100lb CLUB

Tom Bethea
Instagram: tombetheafitness

1200lb CLUB

1300lb CLUB

1400lb CLUB

Douglas Kenngott 













1500lb CLUB

1600lb CLUB

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