8 Hour Powder


Energy drink -166mg caffeine per serving

250 gram container = 76 servings!

830mg of taurine and tyrosine

25mg higenamine HCL

B vitamins

No crash or jitters

Delicious flavors

    Muscle Feast 8 Powder is designed to:

    Increase all day energy

    Improve focus & cognition

    Decrease fatigue

    Support fat burning

    What is 8 Hour Powder?

    8 Hour Powder is an amazing energy drink, with 166 mg of caffeine per serving, plus the energy boosting power of B3, B6, and B12. Unlike most energy drinks that give you jitters followed by sudden crashes, we have formulated 8 Hour with taurine and tyrosine to offset those burdensome side effects. We have further developed this awesome energy drink to include the fat burning power of higenamine.

    8 Hour powder stacks perfectly with our pre-workouts, with or without caffeine. 

    Available in 4  flavor options:

    Fruit Punch

    Blue Bomb


    Sour Apple 


    As an adult dietary supplement, takeoneserving (3.25g) in 8 ounces ofwater to help improve energy andfocusDo not consume more than 3 servings in a 24 hour time period.


    With so many benefits, Taurine was the perfect choice for our 8 Hour formula. Taurine has been shown to help the body metabolize fat, raise testosterone levels, and improve insulin sensitivity. Many athletes have even seen an increased level of performance during training and faster recovery post training. 

    Zhang et al. (2004) found that individuals who supplemented with taurine for 1 week before an exhaustive exercise bout significantly improved time to exhaustion, VO2 max and maximal workload. It also decreased exercise induced DNA damage.


    L-Tyrosine helps to activate metabolic pathways that produce hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine. These hormones are typically produced during moments of stress on the body and provides a boost of adrenaline, giving you that fight or flight feeling. Epinephrine and norepinephrine are depleted quickly during these moments of stress due to a lack of L-Tyrosine.

    The addition of this amino acid will help give you an extra PUSH and can make a big difference to help you FIGHT through your workouts and plateaus.

    Hoffman et al. (2010) research results indicate that acute ingestion of the supplements L-tyrosine and anhydrous caffeine, helped healthy college students maintain reaction time, subjective feelings of focus and alertness to both visual and auditory stimuli following exhaustive exercise. 


      Caffeine Anhydrous:

      Caffeine Anhydrous is simply caffeine with no water (around .05%), which has been shown to make caffeine anhydrous more potent because the body will absorb it more readily.

      Although caffeine can affect a wide variety of motor and mental functions it is most commonly used to improve endurance exercise, focus and cognitive performance, and improve energy levels.

      Caffeine has also been shown to have a thermogenic effect (heating/calorie burning) at rest and may increase the use of fats for fuel during exercise.
      According to the research higher doses of caffeine, in the 250-450mg range, are needed to provide an ergogenic benefit.

      In a study conducted by Astorino et al. (2010), active men given caffeine before resistance training were able to increase maximal torque, power, and volume by 5-8%



        Higenamine Hydrochloride is a proven beta 1 and 2 adrenergic agonist; meaning that it can help improve focus, enhance mental clarity, increase energy, and burn body fat.

        Higenamine has also been shown to open up lung capacity by relaxing the trachea, allowing more oxygen to get into your body during training.
        While most stimulants do the opposite of vascular relaxation and vasodilation, higenmanine has been shown to do just this. It also works synergistically with agmatine sulfate.

        Why Muscle Feast?

        We guarantee our supplements to be the freshest and purest available. Muscle Feast supplements are manufactured under the strictest HACCP, FDA, and Kosher standards, producing the highest quality and purest supplements available. Our raw ingredients undergo state of the art analysis to ensure zero impurities and strict adherence to product labeling. When it comes to price and quality you can't beat Muscle Feast. We guarantee it!

        Important facts you should know about our supplements:

        • Laboratory tested for purity
        • Strict adherence to GMP, HACCP and Kosher standards
        • Licensed and regularly inspected by The Ohio Department of Agriculture
        • Freshly manufactured - not expired or closeout
        • Spoon mixes with no gritty taste or residue
        • Backed by the Muscle Feast 30-day money back guarantee

        How can our quality be so high and our prices so low?

        We are able to sell the highest quality products at these prices because:

        We have over 30 years experience in raw material procurement and we are very selective in what material we use.

        We work with several of the best medical doctors in the country and only carry products they support.

        We have our own quality test equipment to ensure we only use the highest quality products available.