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8 Hour Powder

8 Hour Powder

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This is an amazing energy drink. Each scoop (serving) contains 166mg of caffeine but because we also use nearly 1 gram of Taurine and Tyrosine with this product, there is absolutely no crash or jitters with this product. This product also contains higenamine to support fat burning, plus B3, B6, and and B12. We have been testing this product for about a year in capsule form and everyone really liked tyrosine and caffeine mixed together and they also liked the taurine and caffeine mixed together. When we decide to make it into a powderd drink and combine all the elements into one product, then it really seemed to all click and what we have now is an energy product like no other at a very competive price.

This product is also a great addition to any pre-workout, if you are looking for a little more energy from your current product.



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