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Beta Alanine

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What is Beta Alanine?

Beta alanine is classified as a non essential amino acid and is the one and only naturally occurring beta type of amino acid. Unlike the regular amino acid alanine, beta alanine is not considered a building block of protein.

The most natural way to get your beta alanine is through eating protein rich foods such as red meats, chicken, pork and seafood.

What are the benefits/uses?

Beta Alanine may be the best muscle building supplement to use during your workouts. Beta Alanine has the ability to buffer lactic acid buildup so that the PH level in your muscle stays in a range where the muscle can continue working. What does this mean? It means you can crank out a few extra reps and push your muscles harder.

The greatest thing about Beta Alanine is that it is so effective. Many supplements a person can take aren't very bio-available, meaning that the body doesn't absorb and utilize them very well. But Beta Alanine is the exact opposite. Studies have shown that supplementing with Beta Alanine can raise Carnosine levels in muscle tissue by up to 65%. That's incredible, especially if you know anything about supplements. I've never studied another supplement that has that much effect inside the body. And the greatest thing about Beta Alanine is that it's a natural amino acid, and doesn't come with a wide range of side effects like a lot of other muscle enhancing drugs.

When we exercise, especially when it’s high intensity exercise, our bodies accumulate a large amount of hydrogen ions (H+), causing our muscles’ pH to drop (become more acidic). This process is occurring whether you feel a burn or not.

The breakdown of ATP and the subsequent rise in H+ concentrations occur in all of our energy systems but H+ buildup is most prevalent in an energy system called glycolysis, which also produces lactic acid. At physiological pH, lactic acid dissociates H+ and is the primary source of released H+ ions during exercise, causing pH to drop. It is the released H+ from lactic acid that causes muscular performance problems, not the leftover lactate ions as many incorrectly believe. While lactic acid is the primary source of released H+, it is not the only source. H+ ions are also being released at a rapid rate when you break down the high energy compound ATP during exercise. With the presence of many sources during energy production releasing H+, pH quickly drops as does muscular performance, slowing progress and lean muscle gains.

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