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Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

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What is it?
Clarinol™ CLA is a new, natural ingredient for weight management that has been shown to help reshape bodies by reducing body fat and building lean muscle mass in eight to 12 weeks when combined with a balanced diet and exercise program.
• It is a natural source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), shown to reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass.
• Found in a wide variety of weight management products, including protein shakes, ready-to-drink shake mixes and capsules.
• To achieve the optimal fat reduction and increased lean muscle mass benefits from this product, it is best to consume 3 g per day as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Clarinol™ explained:
Referring to conjugated linoleic acid CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in our diet and since the body cannot produce this fatty acid it can be obtained only through the diet. Produced from LA (Linoleic Acid) CLA is found in ruminant animals and food products of such animals such as meat, cheese and dairy products. Undergoing a rearrangement of its molecular structure, resulting in a unique fatty acid that provides for its clinical proven health benefits, these fatty acids are also called CLA isomers.

Clarinol™ is best known as an effective product for reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass resulting in an improved body shape.

Clarinol™ CLA has been evaluated according to state-of-the-art safety procedures for dietary supplements and foods. Following digestion, it is absorbed and metabolized by the body, as are all types of oils. Studies in animals and humans have shown that if the amount of CLA in the diet is increased it will result in an increase of its levels in the body tissues.

Scientific studies prove that when 3 grams of the product are consumed daily; body fat can be reduced safely in 8 to 12 weeks. Click here for a summary

Presence in the Diet:
CLA is naturally produced by cattle and is therefore present in milk, beef and dairy products. It is now known that its levels in milk increase when cows are fed grass as opposed to cereals. Therefore, it is believed that its levels in food were much higher in the past when cattle were fed mainly on grass, whereas today they are lower due to more economical feeding methods.

There are many surveys published analyzing the CLA content of foods around the world and in addition scientists have estimated its consumption data by humans. Results suggest that this intake varies from 160-430 mg of CLA per day. This variation is dependent on a number of factors including dietary choice, age and sex of an individual.

However, intake is much lower than those of scientific studies inducing beneficial health effects. Therefore the research suggests that in order to obtain health benefits reported for CLA we must supplement our daily diet to reach the levels required for optimum effects. Supplementation with Clarinol™ CLA can safely provide these levels.

Important facts you should know about our supplements:
• Laboratory tested for purity
• Strict adherence to GMP, HACCP and Kosher standards
• Licensed and regularly inspected by The Ohio Department of Agriculture
• Freshly manufactured - not expired or closeout
• Backed by the Muscle Feast 30-day money back guarantee

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