by Allison Welch December 02, 2022 2 min read

Who needs a pot of gold when you have HYDRATE?! 

With St. Patrick's festivities coming up, make sure you look and feel your best by staying hydrated! Here's what our founder has to say aboutHYDRATE:

"The thing that makes our HYDRATE better than any electrolyte that's hit the market, including the popular ones that you see on the sidelines of football games, is it's a very complete electrolyte profile. If you were to take the popular sports drink and try to make it better and better and better I think it would have evolved to our HYDRATE. We have antidotally seen the elimination of 100% of muscle cramps in some of the most extreme athletes that I've come across, and we've seen the elimination of restless leg syndrome. I don't think any other electrolyte product has seen anything like that. So the whole purpose of creating HYDRATE was really to try to replenish these electrolytes that are missing from our diet that we use to get from the water; and the body has to have electrolytes to function properly; and we didn't just look at a couple electrolytes, we looked at a broad spectrum; and that's also why we added the taurine as an amino acid that helps shuttle the amino acids into the muscle, so now you're not only getting all of the electrolytes but you're also getting them delivered into the muscle in an efficient manner."

— Sean Gillespie, Founder + CEO



🍀 You could call our cows Lucky 🍀

Muscle Feast chooses to only source whey protein from grass-fed and hormone-free dairy cows that naturally graze a pasture, eating their natural diet. Not only can you rest assured that your whey is ethically sourced, you'll also receive a complete protein's full health benefits with an excellent amino acid profile.

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