Whey Concentrate, Pasture Raised, Grass Fed, rBST/rBGH and soy free

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  • rBST/rBGH (Artificial Hormones) FREE: This product is sourced from a country that has banned the use of artificial hormones for bovines
  • VEGETARIAN: Certified to be vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association.
  • THE DATE YOU SEE ON THE BOTTLE: To be compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, we have changed the date on the top of our product’s lid from “Expiration date” to “Date Of Manufacturing (DOM)”
  • OU-D KOSHER: Certified to meet the standards of the Orthodox Union for Kosher Dairy. 
  • GLUTEN-FREE: Certified to be Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Organization. 
  • NATURAL: Our whey protein powders are all natural. We do not use any fillers or artificial ingredients in our whey protein powders.
  • STEVIA SWEETENED: We do not add sugar or artificial sweeteners to our whey protein powders.
  • NO FACTORY FARMED INGREDIENTS: Muscle Feast does not support factory farming and will not use ingredients supplied by organizations practicing factory farming.

*  Grass (Forage) Fed -Grass and forage shall be the feed source consumed for the lifetime of the ruminant animal, with the exception of milk consumed prior to weaning. The diet shall be derived solely from forage consisting of grass (annual and perennial), forbs (e.g., legumes, Brassica), browse, or cereal grain crops in the vegetative {pre-grain) state. Animals cannot be fed grain or grain byproducts and must have continuous access to pasture during the growing season. Hay, haylage, baleage, silage, crop residue without grain, and other roughage sources may also be included as acceptable feed sources.

Routine mineral and vitamin supplementation may also be included in the feeding regimen. If incidental supplementation occurs due to inadvertent exposure to non-forage feedstuffs or to ensure the animal's well being at all times during adverse environmental or physical conditions, the producer must fully document (e.g., receipts, ingredients, and tear tags) the supplementation that occurs including the amount, the frequency, and the supplements provided.

    Muscle Feast Hormone Free Grass Fed Whey Concentrate is designed to:

    Support muscle growth & recovery

    Maximize muscle protein synthesis

    Help meet daily protein requirements

    Deliver a high quality (WPC 80), budget-friendly protein source

    Supply a balanced source of essential amino acids & peptides 


      Protein Profile (Percent of Total Protein):

      • Beta-Lactoglobulin – 46.9%
      • Alpha-Lactalbumin – 18.6%
      • Bovine Serum Albumin - 5.8%
      • Immunoglobulin – 10.4%
      • Lactoferrin -  1.0%
      • Lactoperoxidase -  1.0%
      • Protease Peptone
      • Glycomacropeptide – 15.3%

      Contains No:

      Artificial hormones or antibiotics


      Artificial ingredients

      Unnecessary fillers

      Added sweetner

      Available in 3 flavor options, including richer tasting Chocolate!:





      Mix one serving (1 level Scoop) thoroughly into 4 or more ounces of water or beverage of your choice. We do not believe in using fillers in our protein powders; we suggest using milk or milk substitute for better taste.

      *If you prefer less chocolaty flavor, we suggest adding more milk or water.

      Whey Concentrate

      What is it?

      Whey concentrates are the most common form of protein seen on store shelves.  Compared to isolate, concentrates go through fewer filtration steps with the product being anywhere from 25-80% pure protein and containing more fat, carbs and lactose.  The key here is to select a concentrate that is 70-80% pure protein as stated on the label.  Like isolates, concentrates digest and absorb quickly where they elevate amino acid levels in the blood and stimulate muscle protein synthesis. They also have the extra bonus of having more sub-fraction proteins compared to isolates (due to fewer filtration steps) that provide a broad range of health-related benefits. Finally, whey concentrates are often a more affordable option compared to isolates. Of additional interest, isolates are only superior to concentrates by having more protein on a gram to gram basis.  Both isolates and concentrates have the same effects on muscle growth and recovery. 

      What does the research say?

      No other supplemental protein source has more research behind it than whey concentrates.  Study after study has demonstrated that individuals who supplement with a high-quality concentrate can increase lean mass, decrease body fat, improve strength and speed recovery from muscle damaging exercise.

      Whey protein concentrate powder contains a low amount of fat and carbohydrates while still carrying a high amount of complete and quality protein. Whey protein concentrate is not as filtered as whey protein isolate. This allows you to benefit from a good mix of macronutrients. Muscle Feast only sources grass-fed whey protein concentrate to ensure an all-natural product that is free of artificial hormones and other synthetic ingredients.

      Whey protein concentrate powder goes through a micro-filtration process instead of being heated. This contributes to the smooth and silky texture when mixed with your choice of beverage.

      Who is it best for?

      Concentrates are best suited for individuals who do not mind having the extra fat, carbs, and lactose in their protein powder.  It is also a more affordable option to whey isolates for individuals on a budget.

      The presence of fat and carbohydrates makes whey protein concentrate powder more ideal for those who are inclined to build lean muscle. If improving your strength by optimizing lean mass and recovery is your goal, then our grass-fed whey concentrate is sure to deliver. 

      How quickly does it digest/absorb and raise amino acid levels?

      When consumed, whey concentrates elevate amino acid concentrations in the blood above baseline after ~30 minutes and peak out at ~60 - 90 minutes, followed by a gradual decline that can last up to 4 hours depending on the dose taken.

      When is the best time to take it?

      Whey concentrate is best taken 30-60 minutes pre-workout and immediately post workout to maximize muscle protein synthesis.  It can also be consumed throughout the day or between meals to meet individual protein requirements.