Whole Oat Powder


156 Calories

26.4 grams of complex carbs

3.2 grams of fat

.44g of Sugar

No artificial flavors or sweeteners

Low glycemic index

Available in 4 or 8-pound size

Scoop Included

    Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder is designed to:

    Provide the health benefits of oatmeal but in a much easier to use powder

    Supply slow digesting, complex carbohydrates

    Have a low glycemic load and index

    Keep blood sugar levels in check

    Be used as a replacement for wheat flour



      What is Whole Oat Powder?

      This oat powder is like an oatmeal that has been groud into a powder. It has all the health benefits of oatmeal but in much easier to use powder. This oat powder can also be used as a replacement to wheat flour. A person could almost live on this product alone. It has a very low glycemic load and glycemic index and is one of the best overall foods available. Having it available in a powder form that mixes well should be a staple for anyone that is serious about their health. This is the purest whole oat powder available. This product contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors of any kind and is non-GMO.

      Details about our oat powder processing:

      Raw oats by Viterra Food Processing undergo initial processes of cleaning and hulling. Cleaning removes foreign material, thin oats, dehulled oats, and dust from the milling quality oats. The hulling process takes cleaned oats, and by use of impact hullers, removes the hull from the groat.

      Following hulling, aspirators remove the loose hulls, and scourers remove the small hairs (trichomes) from the groat. Paddy tables and length graders then remove most of the unhulled oats from the stream and return them to be rehulled Following the hulling operation, groats are conditioned to make an edible food product from a raw grain. In the conditioning process, moisture content is increased before the groats pass through a kiln, where they are heated using dry heat radiators to a temperature of approximately 215° F.

      During the heating process, lipase and other enzymes that lead to rancidity are deactivated, flavor is enhanced, starch gelatinization occurs, and moisture level is reduced to a point acceptable for product storage. Adjustments are made to operating parameters (inlet moisture, temperature, flow rate, air flow, etc.) of the conditioning system depending on the desired finished product characteristics.

      Product then enters the sizing system where width graders are used to size the individual pieces. Large groats enter the groat stream, while small groats and broken pieces are sent to the cutting system. A number of paddy tables remove all remaining oats from the groat stream and return them to the hulling system.


      Mix one serving (1 level scoop) with 6 to 8 ounces of water or the beverage of your choice. Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder will mix easily in water and is exceptional for baking.


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