by Allison Welch December 02, 2022 1 min read

At Muscle Feast we have our own team of scientists and researchers to study the quality and effectiveness of our supplements. We often test our products among a diverse group, ranging from stay-at-home moms, and business executives to high school athletes, and elite athletes to ensure that our supplements can benefit everyone.

A typical study consists of recruiting participants that are willing to adhere to the specific protocol predetermined by our researchers. A pre and post supplement period blood draw are ordered to make sure the participant is healthy enough to begin and then afterwards for comparison. Protocols usually call for a specific dose of a supplement to be consumed for a set amount of time with physical testing preformed before and after the supplementation period. The physical testing most often includes strength and endurance exercises such as 1 RM (rep max) for squat and bench and then those same lifts to failure (as many as possible). The results of pre and post testing are comparatively analyzed and then results across all participants are analyzed to conclude the beneficial effect of the supplement.

We do this to see results, the perfect (well, as perfect as it can be) before and after comparisons. This way we can ensure that our products are high quality and effective, helping to support all your health and fitness goals!

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