As the parents of a young bodybuilder, Sean and Shelley Gillespie wanted nothing more than to help their son achieve his goals. Disappointed by the lack of quality supplements available and frustrated by the marketing hype, they sought to build their own company. With Sean's career in Engineering and Operation Management in the food industry and Shelley's years of preparing healthy meals for their family, they were able to develop and manufacture high-quality nutritional products and make them available to aspiring athletes and families around the world.



Family Values
Muscle Feast LLC. is a family-owned and operated business in the heart of Ohio, founded on the belief that the determining factor of our success is our customer's ability to trust us.

One of the many benefits of being a family-owned and operated business is creating strong relationships with our customers. Our mission is to provide our customers with a positive experience the moment they interact with our brand. It is not unusual for someone to receive an email back from Sean or Shelley, even after regular business hours.

While many organizations concentrate on increasing profit shares, our focus will always be on maintaining family values. We believe that this fosters a healthy working environment for our employees and provides a unique economic opportunity to our small-town community.

In addition to the Muscle Feast family, we work with an independent board of advisors to ensure that the company's vision never waivers or is driven by an individual's self-interest.

Long before mobile technology changed how consumers interact with brands, we provided full-transparency information on our website and our product labels. We did this not because we were trying to market ourselves differently; we did this because we are proud of our ingredients. Still, we understand that many customers are not comfortable taking the information provided to them at face value, so we have taken additional steps to have our products tested and certified by internationally recognized organizations.

Third-party Testing
Upon receiving ingredients from suppliers, we send out samples of shipments to two different third-party testing companies, MVTL and Eurofins. Once the ingredients receive a thorough evaluation of safety, identity, composition, authenticity, origin, and purity of biological substances, we safely proceed with manufacturing our products. After this, we test the finished product to ensure compliance with our product specifications.

Gluten-Free Certification
To date, all of Muscle Feast's products are certified by the Gluten-Free Organization to be gluten-free. We choose to work with the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) because it is the only gluten-free certification that holds companies and products accountable through audits, random product testing, and process surveillance. In March of 2020, the Gluten Intolerance Group announced the decision to update its current logo to an internationally recognized one, which you will begin to see on all of our product labels. You can view our GIG - Gluten-Free Certification here.

Orthodox Union Kosher 
We understand that it's vital to be mindful of everyone's dietary needs and restrictions, religious or otherwise. For this reason, we chose to work with the Orthodox Union for Kosher to have all of our qualifying products receive kosher certification. A certifying rabbi representative came to our facility to check product ingredients, production facilities, and actual production, ensuring all ingredients, derivatives, tools, and machinery have no trace of non-kosher substances. Today, all certified products to be Kosher will have an OU or OU-D (dairy) symbol on the label. To see a full list, please click here.

American Vegetarian Association 
MUSCLE FEAST® is a proud provider of many Vegan and Vegetarian products Certified by the American Vegetarian Association. Only our Grass-Fed & Hormone Free Hydrolyzed Beef Collagen is neither a vegan nor a certified vegetarian product. You can click here to see a full list of our vegan and vegetarian accredited products.

We also believe in providing proof of authenticity and traceability throughout the manufacturing process of our products. For this reason, we have chosen to manage the manufacturing process from beginning to end to ensure that the quality of our ingredients and the finished product is never compromised. MUSCLE FEAST® manufactures supplements under the FDA's strict standards and HACCP to provide the purest supplements available.



It all started with the pursuit to provide the best product using the best ingredients possible. Today, this has grown into a belief that what we put into our bodies directly affects a person's overall health. Every product we make starts with high-quality, non-GMO, hormone-free ingredients.

Limited Ingredients
Muscle Feast products' formulations go through a careful configuration process to ensure that we are always providing our customers with what is necessary. Often, you can easily count all the ingredients in a product on one hand. Each addition to a formulation serves a purpose that thoroughly shows to provide our customers with significant value. We never add fillers to any of our products, especially our whey protein powders that do not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

Higher-Quality Whey
MUSCLE FEAST® chooses only to use whey protein sourced from dairy cows certified to be grass-fed and hormone-free. There are numerous advantages to consuming grass-fed whey to improve your health, one being higher immunoglobulins concentrations than dairy sourced from grain-fed cows. The immunoglobulins found in whey protein are anti-bodies that help boost your immune system at the first line of defense - your gut. Furthermore, our whey proteins have not been denatured and maintain their structural integrity, ensuring our customers will receive a complete protein's full health benefits with an excellent amino acid profile.

While we always strive to source our ingredients locally, we are highly critical when choosing our ingredients' right supplier. For this reason, we choose to source our whey protein from the European Union. The EU has far stricter guidelines for treating animals and the quality of dairy for humans to consume.

Our dedication to providing the best ingredients for individuals to thrive in their healthy lifestyles does not end with sweeteners, which is why we choose to use Stevia in all of our whey protein powders.

Stevia Reb A-97 is a derivative of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, native to Brazil and Paraguay, where it has been growing for centuries. The plant contains naturally occurring chemical compounds called Steviol glycosides extracted by drying and steeping in water. It's these glycosides that give Stevia the sweet taste. While there are varying types of stevia extracts available, we choose to use 97% Rebaudioside that is 200 - 300 times sweeter tasting than sugar.

We choose to source our Stevia and Monk Fruit from GLG because they have vertically integrated operations to cover each step in the stevia and monk fruit supply chains, including seed breeding, propagation, growth and harvest, extraction, refining, and formulation. Founded by Dr. Zhang, GLG is a company that shares our passion for improving the quality of human life and offers sustainable farming, as well as being a member of the farming, fair wage program.

Reputable Brand Partners 

We do not carry any other creatine than Creapure® because it is the only creatine produced under strict German and European standards. The production of Creapure® takes place in a GMP certified plant, specifically designed for the production of creatine. Its certification as an IFS FOOD by the Global Food Safety Initiative ensures that it has the highest quality, purity, and safety standards possible. 

Additionally, Creapure® Creatine is not of animal origin, making it one of our Vegan certified products by the American Vegetarian Society.


The decision to partner with CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine was an easy one since it's the only beta-alanine to obtain New Dietary Ingredient status with the FDA successfully and has also achieved self-affirmed GRAS or Generally Recognized as Safe status. Plus, CarnoSyn® contains no banned substances and the winner of the Nutra Ingredients USA Awards 2019.




Research Institute
The Muscle Feast Research Institute is dedicated to being a leader in the application of scientifically based health and wellness, human performance, and nutrition technologies and research to empower individuals and organizations to maximize health, fitness, performance, and quality of life.

The Research Institute laboratory is equipped to handle the primary needs of the sports and nutrition profession. Specific attention is given to assessing acute and/or chronic alterations in body composition and metabolism in response to dietary/nutritional and exercise interventions in various populations along with testing the validity of new equipment and techniques.

With over 50 years of combined teaching experience, the Research Institute and the team of expert doctors and educators serve a critical role in providing accurate and applicable information to consumers as well as nutritional and clinical experts in the field.

Because we believe that there is an irrefutable relationship between diet and health, we have chosen to partner with medical doctors and researchers who are experts in nutrition and supplementation and the effects on the human body. By working with these doctors, we can develop scientifically proven products to be safe and effective.