Our Team

Shelley Gillespie - CEO and Founder

Sean Gillespie - President and Founder

Paulo Nunes - VP Marketing/Strategy/International Growth

Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Eric Serrano, MD

Dr. Serrano is a word renowned and award-winning educator and doctor with over 20 years of teaching and clinical experience working with elite athletes and professionals. Expert in integrative medicine, sports nutrition, supplements, sports medicine, rehab and injury prevention, and hormones.

Chief Science Officer: Dr. Jordan Moon, PhD, CSCS*D, EP-C

Dr. Moon is an expert in sports supplements, sports nutrition, and body composition with over 150 publications in more than 2 dozen journals and over a decade of teaching higher education. He has also directed more than 45 research studies working with over 30 universities and hospitals and has presented over 50 lectures both internationally and nationally.

Medical Advisor: Dr. Jeremy Girmann, DO, RMSK

Dr. Girmann is the founder of Inertia Medical and the president of Inertia Health and Fitness and a board-certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physician. He offers expertise in the treatment of muscle, tendon, nerve, and joint disorders and has performed thousands of minimally invasive procedures to encourage healing of tissue and relief of pain.

Caleb Bailey - Product Formulator